Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Hairstyles!

The first day of school is less than a month away. DARN! I have been seeing back to school hairstyle videos on YouTube a lot, but most of the hairstyles take way too long for a busy school morning. Here are some super simple back to school hairstyles:

1. The side braid (or fishtail) - Simply part your hair on the side and braid (or fishtail braid) your hair so it hangs in the front. You can add a cute bow to make this hairstyle super girly!
2. Messy bun - Put your hair in a ponytail and then wrap the hair around the ponytail holder to create an adorbs bun. Secure with another hair elastic or bobby pins. You can also make a bun using a sock (for the sock bun look).
3. Quick curls - After brushing your hair, use your curling iron to put a few curls in the bottom of your hair. Instead of curling ALL of your hair, just do the bottoms of the hair so you get a cute and easy look.
4. Waves or curls while you sleep! - Sleep with a sock bun or side braid in to get curls or waves respectively. These methods are perfect if you have to get to school early!
5. Ponytail - Ponytails are never overrated. You can quickly style a low or high ponytail and then put bows, etc. in them to make them totally perfect!
6. Leave your hair!!!!! - Just brush your hair and add a hairband, scarf, etc. to your natural hair. Nothing is better than rocking what God gave you. :)


  1. such cute hairstyles, love the messy bun! thank you for sharing!♡

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  3. I nominated you for the elegant blogger award!



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