Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with Naomi Diaz: Fashion Photographer

Naomi <3
Hey guys! I found pictures by Naomi Diaz on DeviantART (here) and I fell in love with her work! She takes amazing fashion photographs and was kind enough to let me interview her. Here is the interview:
1. When did you start being interested in fashion photography?
I started to become interested in fashion photography when in 2008 when I was 19. I've always loved fashion and admired fashion ads you'd see in magazines but I didn't have a desire to try and do photography itself until I was 19.
2. What is your favorite photograph you have ever taken?

Ooh that's so hard to choose my favorite photograph as I have a few. Right now I think my most recent favorite photo though is titled "Wine" it's very simple and jus has the model sitting at a with a glass of wine. It's more of a classic portrait then a fashion photograph. 
3. What is the best part about fashion photography?
For me the best part of fashion photography is planning out the shoot and finding other creative people people to work with. 
4. Do you ever plan of becoming a photography for a runway show, fashion magazine, etc.?
I've had opportunities to shoot for fashion shows but that honestly doesn't interest me very much. I would love to be a photographer for a fashion magazine and I'm sure it'd be possible one day. Perhaps one day when my children are then I'd have more time to dedicate to photography and promoting myself as a photographer and do more elaborate and creative shoots.
5. What five things inspire you to take good photos? 
 I kind of have only 3 things that inspire me to take good photos... One would be seeing other photographers photos and seeing how amazing and beautiful their work is makes me want to create images that are as beautiful as their's. There's just so many photographers out their that inspire me.
Two would be to prove those who doubted me wrong...of course when I first started photography my photos were not good and a few people encouraged me to keep trying but a lot of people really discouraged me and made fun if my work. A few girls who use to make fun of my work have actually recently asked me to take photos of them..which I don't plan on doing.
Three would be getting to see models/clients expressions after seeing their photos. I love how happy they are with the results and how photoshoots are a good self esteem boost for them. Seeing that really inspires me to not only create images I'm happy with but something that the model/client will love as well.
Go and check out the artwork by this amazing photographer! Thanks for doing the interview Naomi! <3


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  3. Very interesting interview :)
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