Thursday, May 16, 2013

This or That Tag!

Today I am home sick so I figured I might as well do a tag while I am lying around ill! The 'This or That' tag makes you choose your favorite between two things that are VERY similar. I tag all of you! Let's get started!

blush or bronzer -
Blush! If you read my "Beauty Things I Suck At" post you would know how much I hate contouring with bronzer!
lip gloss or lipstick - I own NO lipstick so obviously lipgloss.
eye liner or mascara - Mascara! I only wear eyeliner for special occasions.
foundation or concealer - Concealer. I rock no foundation everyday. :P
neutral or color eye shadow - I wear neutral eye shadow with a pop of color everyday for school!
pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed.
brushes or sponges - I don't own sponges so totally brushes.

OPI or china glaze - OPI
Long or short - Short. Long nails annoy me because I use my hands so much.
Acrylic or natural - Natural!
Brights or darks - Brights! My nails are always bright and bold!
Flower or no flower - Ummm what?! I guess no flower.... :/

perfume or body spray - Body sprays... I have way too many but love them all!
lotion or body butter - Body butter is much more hydrating.
body wash or soap - Soap... I never have like body wash.
lush or other bath company - Other bath company.. Lush is too expensive!

jeans or sweat pants - Jeans!
long sleeve of short - Short sleeve
dresses or skirts - Dresses are awesome and make me feel pretty! <3
stripes or plaid - Stripes. I have a ton of striped shirts!
flip flops or sandals - Flip flops are perfect for so many outfits!
scarves or hats - Scarves
studs or dangly earrings - Dangly earrings! I love my jewelry!
necklaces or bracelets - Necklaces! 
heels or flats - Flats go with everything!
cowboy boots or riding boots - Neither... I didn't know there was a difference. 
jacket or hoodie - You can never go wrong with a cute jacket.
forever 21 or charlotte russe - Forever 21 is the bomb!!
abercombie or Hollister - I don't like either of these stores (I'm on a Abercrombie petition).
saks 5th or nordstrom - No opinion because I have never been to either of these stores.

curly or straight - I have naturally curly hair so obviously curly! :P
bun or ponytail - Both! I love buns and ponytails!
bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins
hair spray or gel - Hair spray!
long or short - Longgggggggg
light or dark - Dark. Like my hair color is. Haha
side sweep bangs or full bangs - Side sweep bangs
up or down - Down!

Rain or shine - I have always loved the rain!
Summer or winter - Summer!
Fall or spring - Fall!
Chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate!
East coast or west coast - West coast all the way!


  1. aren't these fun to do? i love dangling earrings and dresses too!

  2. Hey girl :) Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, I apologize for the late reply- its been a hectic 2 months :( I just started following your blog & hope you follow back ;)


  3. hi Jenna! for the first one, I vote for BLUSH. you suck at bronzer, i suck at blushes and lipglosses. In fact, I have some of brand new and sealed lipglosses *LOL*

  4. great post Jenna! ^^


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