Saturday, April 20, 2013

D.I.Y. Camera Ring

So if you read my blog a lot, you would have seen that I have been lusting over a camera ring on eBay. Instead of buying one (I'm totally into saving my money right now!), I made one using polymer clay I had around my house. I went on YouTube and found this amazing video by LittleSurprisesYT. The result looks amazing and I didn't have to spend any money!

Beauty Things I Suck At

Hey everyone! Lately, a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube have been doing this tag. Because I consider myself a blogging beauty guru, I figured I might as well do it too. This tag is basically a list of things (that are beauty related) that you suck at doing. It shows how imperfect everyone is, even if they are a guru. Here are the beauty things I suck at:

1. Pencil Eyeliner - I can't use pencil eyeliners! I never can get the lines right and pencils just make my eyes water. I usually use liquid liner whenever I use eyeliner, but I don't usually wear eyeliner on a daily basis.

2. High ponytails - I can't seem to figure out how to master the high ponytail. My hair tangles very easily, so it doesn't like to work with me when I try to make a high ponytail. At least my hair stays put after I curl or straighten it. :)

3. Contouring - I don't wear foundation or powder everyday because my skin is prone to breakouts if I do. I never have mastered using bronzers and highlighters to contour my face, and I applaud all of you avid makeup wearers who do!!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Small Spring Break Haul

Hey y'all! I hope you all had a great spring break! I am back from traveling and have a haul for you all! The first store I bought stuff at is called Glitter. This store is only in a few locations, does not have an online store, and was quite cute. All of the jewelry, makeup, and hair accessories were only $1!!!! Some of the items were cheap and not good quality, but there were lots of great pieces that looked like they were from Claire's or Forever 21. I totally recommend this store if you want to buy some jewelry that you don't expect to last long. It would be fabulous to buy your prom jewelry! :) Anyways, there was mostly earrings, some bracelets and rings, and only a couple necklaces. I bought a bicycle ring, a feather ring, two cute necklaces, and a pair of cute chandelier earrings. The next place I stopped at was Target. This Target was a lot bigger than the one in my town so I wanted to check out the e.l.f products. They had so many more products! Sadly, I ended up not buying any because I frankly have to much makeup (lol). All I ended up buying at Target was some apple slices and a juice box for the ride (these are not in the picture because... they are in me tummy). These last things I didn't actually buy, I just acquired them from the hotels I stayed at. I love seeing all the different things they leave in the bathrooms! Over my trip I acquired some vanilla soap from a local shop, a small Citron Honey and Coriander lotion (from the brand Crabtree and Evelyn), and a small Coconut Lime Verbena lotion (from the one and only Bath and Body Works!). I was so shocked to see a B&BW lotion in a hotel! Can't wait to try it. Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cute T-Shirt Transformations!

Hey everyone! Do you have tons of t-shirts lying around your house that you have no use for? Here are some cute t-shirt transformations to update those tees for your spring wardrobe!

  1. Heart Back - Take your shirt and cut a huge heart out on just the back. Cut off the sleeves to make a tank or just leave the sleeves on. Wear this with a bandeau or as a bathing suit cover!
  2. Off the Shoulder - To make your tee off the shoulder savvy, just cut off the collar! It will look sooo cute with a neon tank underneath!
  3. Fringe - To fringe the bottom of your shirt, just cut strips from the bottom up and pull to make them not fray. These strips can be as thin or thick as you want.
  4. Ties on the Side - Cut slits from the bottom of the shirt to the top (make sure they are pretty long) and cut the slits in half. Then tie them together to create cute ties!

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