Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cute Ways to Show Team Spirit

The Super Bowl is today!!! I am so excited to sit down and watch all those funny commercials (and I guess the game too). ;) I wanted to do this post on how to show team spirit in a fun and fashionable way... This doesn't just apply for just the Super Bowl either; use these tips at your next school game! Hope you find these tips useful!!! <3

1. Wear a jersey - It can be your favorite player's or even your boyfriend's. Let it rock the outfit by wearing jeans and black flats. All the attention should be on the jersey!

2. Paint your face - If you paint something little on your cheek (your favorite player's number or just football black stripes) you won't look overrated for a game day party. It's cute and supportive!

3. Wear team colors - If you don't have a jersey then wear the team color using anything in your closet! You gotta blend in with the crowd if you don't wanna stick out. :P You can also buy ribbon to put in your hair like cheerleaders do. This will complete your "full of pep" outfit. :)
4. Make some jewelry - If you wanna add even more pep to your team color outfit, make some jewelry to support your team!!!!

5. Decorate your shoes - This one is for all you mega fans... If you have white canvas shoes you can paint them to look sooooooo cool by using team colors, numbers, name, etc.
6. Make a shirt - If you don't own any team color clothes, have a get together with your friends and make shirts that are supportive to your team and unique for your style.

7. Paint your nails - This will make your team spirit look complete!
8. Wear a creative makeup look - Whether your eye shadow or your lipstick is a team color, try to have some fun in showing your team pride!

Enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!! <3


  1. Great SuperBowl/team spirit tips. The nail polish with the footballs idea is cute. :)

  2. Those football nails are awesome! I wish I could have seen this before the Super Bowl :(

    1. Thanks! just remember them for next year ;)


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