Sunday, February 24, 2013

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Clutch Palette Swatches

Hey y'all! I got this e.l.f. Studio Makeup Clutch Palette for Christmas a few years ago and I only would use the blushes. But, I was looking through my makeup collection to try and use things I haven't used yet this weekend and, lo and behold, I found this palette. The eyeshadows are soooooo pretty! I looked on and this palette is $30 (but I think it's only $10 during the holidays). Here are the swatches of everything in this palette with a picture of the palette for reference first:

I will be going top row from left to right, then going down by each row (each picture will be a new row). <3

Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY: Paint Chip Jewelry

Hey y'all!! I was on StumbleUpon today and came across this really amazing DIY project... All you need are paint chips and jewelry findings! Cut out the paint chips into pretty designs, punch a hole to attach findings, and wear away!!! I made three pairs of earrings that are sooo cute!! Here are some pics for inspiration:
Google for more ideas and complete instructions!!!  <3 Send me pics!!! :D

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eyeshadow Swatches from Ulta

Hey everyone! So if you are a frequent reader of The Chic Cupcake, you may remember that I got a "huge mega artist makeup kit" from Ulta for Christmas. This kit is amazing! I mostly use it for the eyeshadow colors and so I decided to swatch all of them from you.... Sadly, you can't buy this kit anymore... :( But, you can buy single eyeshadows of all of these colors for $7 at Ulta (on sale for $2 right now!!!!) or on Hope you enjoy!
Swatch #1 (photo 1) -
1. Silk
2. Stardust
3. Naked
4. Truffle
5. Brownie
6. Social Climber
7. Flutter
8. Flirty
9. Sun-Kissed
10. Mimosa

Swatch #2 (photo 2) -
1. Love
2. Sweet
3. Gold Leaf
4. Taupe
5. Molten
6. Bloom
7. Wisteria Lane
8. Water Lily
9. Good Girl
10. Cocoa Bean

Swatch #3 (photo 3) -
1. Majesty
2. Electric Lights
3. Mint
4. Sage
5. Shamrock
6. Cinderella
7. Bayou
8. Sapphire
9. Going Green
10. Green Machine

Swatch #4 (photo 4) -
1. Blue Waters
2. Deep Ocean
3. Honey Bee
4. Sun-Sational
5. Iceland
6. Sterling
7. Gun-metal
8. Galaxy
9. KeyWest
10. Deep Sea

My 2nd Liebster Award!!!!

Hey everyone! I just got awarded my second Liebster Award by Sinead from Natural Beauty OXO. Thanks soooooooo much Sinead!!!! <3
Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
4. Come up with 11 questions for the 11 people you nominate

Here are 11 facts about me:  
1. I love cupcakes and have a mini cupcake maker
2. It is snowing right now
3. I love fashion and anything beauty!
4. I want to be a business major when I go to college
5. I have always wanted a 5 pound gummy bear
6. StumbleUpon is my new addiction!
7. My favorite color is purple
8. I wear makeup, but only a little
9. I love jewelry!
10. My favorite number is 7
11. I love video games!!!!!! :D

Questions from Sinead:
1. What are you scared of?
Disappointing the people who believe in me
2. What is your favourite product- Beauty and Non-Beauty?
Beauty = Baby Lips (it's winter so I need some lip balm!) Non-beauty = My mini cupcake maker!
3. What was your 1st Job?
Babysitting for my neighbors
4. Your Favourite Film?
The Princess Bride or Mean Girls
5. Coffee or Tea?
Neither! I love water!
6. Who is your Hero Or icon?
Ariana Grande.... she has the same personality as me!
7. Best Memory and worst Memory?
All of my best and worst memories have been with family so I can't really choose just one... :/
8. First pet, if you have had any?
A goldfish! But he died the next day.... :(
9. Favorite song and singer/band as a child?
I loved any song from Disney as a child.... Still have some songs on my iPod!
10. Sweet or savory?
11. Why do you like Blogging?
I loke blogging because it's just sooo much fun! I get to meet nice people and speak my mind. :) Nothing better than that!

11 Questions for my Nominations:
1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
2. What is your favorite spring trend?
3. Favorite color?
4. Can you sing?
5. Relationship status?
6. Best trip you have ever been on?
7. Favorite game?
8. Nicest comment you have recieved on your blog?
9. Favorite veggie?
10. Something you wanna do before you die?
11. Favorite tv show?

My Nominations:
1. Kate from Kate's Beauty Blog
2. Cinthia from Makeup with Cinthia
3. Lizzy from Pretty Modest
4. Natasha from My Project Pan


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest Post by Natasha from Project Pan!

Hey everyone! Here is a guest post from Natasha from Project Pan!!!! GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG HERE: link

Making Your Perfume Last Longer.
There’s nothing worse than spritzing yourself with perfume in the morning only for it to be gone by noon. Here are some tips to keep your favourite scent on you without it being over-bearing.
1. Layer Your Fragrance! Is there a matching shower gel and body lotion for your favourite perfume? Use them. This way not only is your fragrance not being mixed with any other scent, it is giving it layers. Sometimes perfume doesn’t come with a matching set. No worries! Try and find products that have similar notes. For example, if you favourite fragrance is Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love, try a vanilla body wash and moisturizer.
2. Find the Hot Spots! The scent of perfume on your skin is activated by warmth. Because of this you want to apply your fragrance where your veins are most visible. These places include your:
· Neck
· Bust
· Inner elbow
· Inner knee
· And wrists
3. Bring Back-Up! Make sure to carry an atomizer with you that is filled with your scent. Touch up through-out the day when you find the scent is fading.
Now you’re ready to strut your stuff and have a beautiful scent follow you. Be careful though! Don’t spray too much as it can be over-powering and end up being offensive to some people.
What perfume are you planning on wearing on Valentine’s Day?
I think I’m going to go with my favourite- Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cute Ways to Show Team Spirit

The Super Bowl is today!!! I am so excited to sit down and watch all those funny commercials (and I guess the game too). ;) I wanted to do this post on how to show team spirit in a fun and fashionable way... This doesn't just apply for just the Super Bowl either; use these tips at your next school game! Hope you find these tips useful!!! <3

1. Wear a jersey - It can be your favorite player's or even your boyfriend's. Let it rock the outfit by wearing jeans and black flats. All the attention should be on the jersey!

2. Paint your face - If you paint something little on your cheek (your favorite player's number or just football black stripes) you won't look overrated for a game day party. It's cute and supportive!

3. Wear team colors - If you don't have a jersey then wear the team color using anything in your closet! You gotta blend in with the crowd if you don't wanna stick out. :P You can also buy ribbon to put in your hair like cheerleaders do. This will complete your "full of pep" outfit. :)
4. Make some jewelry - If you wanna add even more pep to your team color outfit, make some jewelry to support your team!!!!

5. Decorate your shoes - This one is for all you mega fans... If you have white canvas shoes you can paint them to look sooooooo cool by using team colors, numbers, name, etc.
6. Make a shirt - If you don't own any team color clothes, have a get together with your friends and make shirts that are supportive to your team and unique for your style.

7. Paint your nails - This will make your team spirit look complete!
8. Wear a creative makeup look - Whether your eye shadow or your lipstick is a team color, try to have some fun in showing your team pride!

Enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!! <3
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