Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rav: geoGiRL Lip Treatment

I have been searching and searching and searching everywhere for a cheap but good quality lip scrub/treatment for the past month. I was in Walmart last week and I just happened to stop at the Clearance section. A whole bunch of makeup from geoGiRL brand was on sale and my eye got caught on the Tonight Lip Treatment... Which was only $1 (originally $5.39)!!!!!! Of course I bought it and it is AMAZING!
You put this balm on before you go to bed and when you wake up, your lips are smooth and totally moisturized! It smells like lavendar and goes on clear without clumps. Also, geoGiRL is made with no fake crap like other makeup so you don't feel guilty about using chemicals on your lips. Go check out this amazing brand!!!!! <3
Link for product: CHECK IT OUT


  1. OMG! I need this!!!! :) Whenever i wake up in the morning my lips are dry...maybe this is the answer to my problem! Thanks for posting this! :)

    love your blog! mwaaah

  2. Currently I'm using carmex.Whoever that goes overseas,I'll get them 2 buy whatever brand for the lip balms here does not help my lips at all..Bahhh!!

  3. I definitely need a good lip scrub! Hopefully I can track this down!


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