Sunday, September 30, 2012

Collage #6: Fall 2012 Trends

Fall 2012 Trends

Hey everyone! Fall is finally here! This is my collage outlining some of the great Fall trends this year! They include; sweaters, floral jeans, maxi skirts, body cons, combat boots, black flats, owl octopus and bird necklaces, nailpolish, Viva La Fleur, B.B. Creams, sheer tops, and ear cuffs! What's your favorite trend?


  1. I'm still wearing short shorts and t shirts, plain but i'm in pomona and it's sooo hot it's just scorching here!

  2. awesome picks! i really love the leggings, great post :)

  3. LOVE! I have followed you back btw sweet, sorry it's a bit late! <3

  4. I want everything in that picture lol :)
    especially that pile of leaves

  5. Love this! I pinned it on Pinterest :)

    Follow my blog? please :)


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