Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Top Ten Shopping Tips :)

1. Make a list of what you really need before you go. This will help you not spend any extra money.

2. Look online before you go buy an item. Chances are another stores sells it for cheaper!

3. Look on websites like eBay, GoFavor, etc. when shopping for jewelry. You can find jewelry for $2 when they are $8 at Claire's.

4. Shop with a friend. Don't let the funky lighting in the dressing rooms make you buy tons more clothes. Ask your friend for her opinions.

5. Time out your buys. Make sure you buy an item when it is on sale or wait for it to be on sale. Nothing is worse than buying an item and it going on sale the next day!!!

6. Go to your favorite store's websites and sign up for emails. They will send you what sales are going on and sometimes even coupons. :)

7. If the website doesn't send out coupons, try to find them online.

8. Before going on a fashion spree, make sure you know what you have in your closet so you don't rebuy what you already have. Also, research the products before you buy them. Reviews on blogs will always be honest opinions.

9. Carry some food with you. Shopping takes energy! Make sure you don't get grumpy by snacking before you try things on.

10. Have fun! You can't be successful when you shop if you aren't enjoying yourself! <3

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  1. Making a list can indeed help the shopper remain focused on what she just needs to buy. In addition, to keep a low budget and to avoid overspending, just leave the credit card at home and come with budgeted cash. That way, there would really be a limit in spending and the shopping spree will be kept within the shopper’s financial capability.

    Danny Riddell


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