Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Make Ombre Jewelry

Ombre jewelry is a new trend and I recently made some cute pink ombre earrings!! I used dark pink, light pink, and white nail polish to get the effect... Here is how you can do that tooo!!!!

What You Need:
- Old pieces of jewelry
- Nail polish in various colors
- Makeup wedges (used for applying foundation; can be found at the Dollar Tree)
- Wax paper
- Tape

1. Lay the piece of jewelry on the wax paper and tape down.
2. Put some nail polish on the wedge and dot onto the jewelry.
3. Repeat using as many colors as you need to get the ombre effect!!
4. Here are some more ideas:


  1. so pretty! love it

  2. what a cool idea! i love that blue to white necklace. must try on some of my own pieces.


  3. thats so so creative!love!!!
    i love that necklace..the blue ombre pretty...=D

  4. Can you please credit the original source of the DIY and the image?

    1. I'm very sorry but I did not get this idea from that site. The image, yes, but the idea no. Please do not insult my blogging by saying I am plagiarizing. Thanks.


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