Saturday, August 11, 2012 Haul!!!

The other day I went on This site is a cheap jewelry store that sells really great jewelry for VERY cheap. I spent $15.44 and because I spent more than $15, I got free shipping! I <3 GOFAVOR!!!!
This owl necklace is EVERYWHERE!!! I got this for $.99!
 I have wanted a love necklace for a really long time. I have made 2 out of wire but I don't have a gold one so I had to splurge. This was $1.99.
This necklace was also $1.99 and it is very dainty. I wanted a necklace I can use to layer with another necklace so this is perfect!
This ring was $2.49. I don't have a gold ring and it was 50% off!
I have wanted this ring for the past 3 months! It was $3.99 but I had to buy it!!!!!! <3
I have a lot of striped/nautical shirts so I wanted to buy a cute sailor bracelet. This was $3.99.

So, there you have it!!!! If you haven't bought anything from GoFavor, I recommend you go check it out! The deals are great and you can find brand name inspired jewelry for very cheap. Have a nice day! <3 :D

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  1. ooooh my! I just went to the website and love it! some great stuff. Going to need to buy that necklace...

    bye the way! I tagged you in my blog award. go check it out!

    Lizzy <3


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