Saturday, May 12, 2012

Every Girl's Makeup Bag

Every girl cannot live without these makeup essentials:
-Foundation/coverup (make sure it is light and won't leave skin oily)
-Bronzer (gives face a glow)
-Blush (show off your cheeks!)
-Eyeshadow (any color that fits your style)
-Mascara (makes eyes stand out)
-Eyeliner (not a must use, but helps eyes become more noticeable)
-Chapstick (put on before lipgloss)
-Lipgloss (adds a gloss to lips; go figure!)
-Nailpolish (adds a spice to fingers and toes)


  1. Nice blog!!! definitely truth those are a very important makeup essentials...thanks for stopping by at my blog and comment!!! let's keep reading each other...

    1. Ok!!! Make sure to follow me and I'll follow you!!! :)

  2. I definitely don't wear blush or bronzer. I'm so pale that those things really just look super awkward on me.


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