Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Spice Up a School Uniform

If you go to a school that requires a uniform, you may feel like you are being restricted from fashion... Here are some tips to make that uniform fit YOUR style!
  • Make your hairstyle as wild and crazy as the rules allow. You can use barrettes, hair pins, etc. to make some great hair. Try to wear things that are original.
  • If you have to wear a tie, try tying it in a cool way.
  • Wear some jewelry that fits your fashion sense!
  • Decorate your backpack- pins, iron-ons, fabric, ANYTHING.
    • Decorate your locker and school supplies to have the fab look wherever you go also.
  • Buy fun shoes. If you have to wear a certain shoe, use colorful laces to make a statement.
  • Wear cute tank tops under the uniform shirt.
  • Change up your belt every couple of days.
  • Wear some makeup!
  • Do your nails with a solid color or some nail art (if the rules allow!).
 *I am not responsible for any detentions or punishments you may get. These rules may not work at everyone's school.*

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  1. Sorry I haven't checked in! Great tips- even if you don't have a school uniform :)


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