Saturday, February 11, 2012

Five Dresses Made of Food

1. Chocolate Dress: designed by Paco Rabanne
2. Cream Puff Dress: In 2006, Valentyn Shtefano, a Chef from Ukraine, made this dress from 1,500 cream puffs for his fiancee. It took two months, with the final product weighing in at 20 pounds.

3. Skittles Wrapper Dress: Craftster user Theperilouspopsicle finished her Prom dress made entirely out of this candy wrappers.
4. Articoke Heart Dress: made by photographer Ted Sabarese
5. Spagetti Dress with Meatball Necklace: designed by Jeremy Scott


  1. Wow...well you can say that those are unique! If I had to wear one, I'd wear the Skittles Wrapper :P What would you wear?

    1. I would probably wear the Skittles Wrapper one too! It is the only one that would most comfortable to wear...... lol!


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