Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Tips & Tricks for Moving Into College

Hey cupcakes! When you are reading this post, I will be on my way back to college! :D I am so so so excited to go back to school, and I thought I would make a college themed post today to celebrate my excitement :P

Since I am moving back today, I thought it would be great to share my personal tips and tricks on how to successfully pack for/move into college... These tips I have used in my own life (the past few days to be exact!) and can help college students of any age! Let's get started! <3

1. Before you even begin to pack, make a list! I suggest going on Pinterest and looking through the many college packing lists on there... You can also look at the post I wrote last year (HERE) for my go to college list!
Many stores have lists too! 
2. Before you start packing, sort through your stuff! Moving time is the perfect time to donate the things you don't use/need! Plus, then you won't be tempted to overpack :)

3. If you plan on using storage containers in your dorm/apartment (and already have them), pack them with the things that you want to store while living at college! This allows for move-in ready storage that doesn't even need to be unpacked!

4. If you live quite far away from your college, think about purchasing things when you get there. This includes bigger things (like storage, mini fridge, etc.) and will allow you to lug less junk in the car!

5. When you are packing your clothing, pack half (or even less than half) of your wardrobe! Trust me, you will be doing laundry more than you think and won't need to pack all of those clothes. As a bonus, you get to wear the clothes you leave when you come home for the weekend/vacation! :)
Plus, your closet is going to be SMALL!
6. Don't move-in at the same time as your roommate!!!! Figure out how you want to set up the room in advance so that you don't have to worry about two people moving in at once. Give them some space with their family too! 

7. Search for deals when college shopping! Use coupons, discounts, whatever you can find to make your college shopping as cheap as possible! Your college stuff doesn't need to be super expensive or super high quality because it will most likely be ruined by the end of the year anyway... :P

8. Know what's in your dorm/apartment! Don't buy things that you won't need (example: don't buy an iron and ironing board if the kitchenette down the hall has one!).

9. Ship stuff right to your dorm/apartment! Instead of lugging your heavy textbooks all the way to college, have them shipped right to your dorm to eliminate some added weight in the car :)
10. At the end of the year, sort through your stuff again! You will have acquired more stuff than when you moved in, so try to donate some more! Many dorms will have donation bins in community centers, so you don't even need to go very far! :)


What are you college move-in tips? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What to Wear on the First Day of School

Hey cupcakes; THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS UPON US! I am sure many of you reading this post have already started school for the year or are just about to start :D I am super excited to get back into the swing of learning! I thought I would give you all a little inspiration on what to wear on that crucial first day of school (because first impressions are EVERYTHING) based on what age group you fall into.... Let's get started! <3

Middle school: If you are going into/are in middle school, this outfit is totally perfect for the first day of school! I think jean capris are awesome for the first day, and a nice blouse will totally dress them up!  I also suggest wearing cute white shoes in case you have to walk a lot finding all of those new classes!

High school: For high schoolers, I love the classic "jean shorts with a nice top" look... For this outfit, I paired a dressy pink tank with a cute kimono (but you could totally rock a cardigan!) with some high waisted shorts. Again, I suggest comfy footwear! :)

College: I really enjoy dressing up for the first day of college! I feel like you will make a better impression on your professors than if you wear sweats. I suggest a summery dress with a more casual jacket... And make sure your feet don't hurt while walking around campus! :P

What will you be wearing on the first day of school? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :) <3
Have fun in school! :D

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How I Store My Makeup ft. Store Your Stash!

Hey cupcakes! Recently, I have been getting my stuff ready to go back to college!

I have slowly been packing things (and purchasing A LOT of stuff) and can't wait to get back to school! One of my favorite things about packing for college is figuring out how I am going to store my makeup, jewelry, and clothing in my dorm... After being challenged by MakeSpace to write a post about how I "Store My [Makeup] Stash", I thought it would be the perfect thing to post about! Let's get started!

Now big question of the day: how much makeup do I actually own? The answer might surprise you; I don't own that much makeup!

I'm not like one of those famous YouTube "beauty gurus" with tons and tons of makeup all over their room... Instead, I like to have just the perfect amount of products so that I can achieve everyday looks as well as do some experimentation. :) A few years back, I made a My Makeup Collection post that gives you an idea on how much makeup I own...

Anyways, back to storage!!!! When I am at home, I store all of my makeup on the right side of my dresser (my jewelry box is on the left). My dresser is an old white piece of furniture I've had for AGES, and the mirror on it is perfect for getting ready in the morning! I store all of my makeup in two plastic drawer sets I bought from Target a long long time ago... They look similar to the ones you can find at Target today:
You can find these at HERE!
So in total, I have 6 different drawers that I can store all of my makeup in! I have everything sorted out by product type:

1. Eyeshadows & Eyebrow kits

2. Mascaras & Eyeliners

3. Lip products

4. Brushes

5. Face creams 

6. Foundations, Powders, & Concealors

I have some eyeshadow palettes that don't fit in this storage, so I normally keep those in my closet until I want to use them. 

When I go off to college, I only bring ONE of these drawer sets. I try to pack as light as I possibly can, so I only bring my most used products (cuz who really has time to put on tons of makeup when you're a tired college kid!). When condensed, my drawers look like this:

1. Eye stuff (eyeshadow, eyebrow kit, mascara, eyeliner)

2. Face products & Brushes (foundation, powder, creams, brushes)

3. Lip things 

I find that having everything organized by type makes it super simple to find the perfect products for any makeup look! :) It keeps life simple and in order! <3 

How do you store your makeup??? Comment below and don't forget to follow!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Release date: July 8th, 2016

Rating: PG

Hey cupcakes! :) Today I have another movie review for you all! A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go see The Secret Life of Pets at our local theater. We had recently seen Finding Dory, so I was curious to see how it would compare...

First of all, I think the animal/pet stereotypes in the film were spot on! :P The cat stereotypes, the different stereotypes about different breeds of dogs, etc. were all quite hilarious! My favorite character would have to be Snowball (voiced by Kevin Hart)... His character was pretty funny :D

The animation itself was really good, but I thought the plot was seriously lacking. There were some funny moments, but overall, I was kind of disappointed in the movie. I would say that Finding Dory was quite a bit better than this one, but it was still a decent animated movie. 

What did you think about The Secret Life of Pets? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :)
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