Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Kodiak Cakes Microwave Muffin?!

Hey cupcakes! During my college's Welcome Week, the local grocery store had a fun event with free things, coupons, etc.
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Me when anything is free :P
I, of course, just HAD to scope out the deals, so my friends and I decided to check it out! :D As well as getting some free food and samples, I was sucked into the food aisles and found this: a muffin you make in the freakin' microwave!
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It was only $1.99 so how could I not buy it? There were a few different flavors, but I bought the Pumpkin Dark Chocolate one (so I could bring in the fall-time of course!).

Image result for kodiak cake muffin

A few days after this interesting product sat in my dorm room, I decided to do some research. I found the company's website, and THEY WERE ON SHARK TANK! Hmmmm (I thought to myself), maybe they are actually good then!

The next night I was feeling hungry, and I thought it would be the perfect time to try it out! :P To cook the muffin you need to add 1/4 cup of water (or since I don't have measuring cups in my dorm you can measure 2 ounces from a water bottle), stir until combined (it looks exactly like cake batter), and then bake in the microwave for only 1 minute.

When I took the muffin out of the microwave, my mind was literally blown. It actually puffed up like a muffin! :O
Image result for kodiak cake muffin

And you know what guys?! IT TASTED AMAZING! I have never been more impressed by something cooked in a microwave. This flavor of muffin tasted just like my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and it was the perfect amount of food to fill my little tummy. Plus, the texture was exactly like a muffin! :) I would totally recommend buying these for a quick breakfast if you are in a rush, and I can't wait to stock up on these once I get back to the store! <3

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to Style Printed Scarves

Hey cupcakes! One of my fav things to wear when the weather gets cool is printed scarves! Infinity scarves come in so many different colors and prints, and I love to make them the statement piece for my outfit! Here are three ways to style your fav scarf:


Outfit 1: Highlight one of the colors in your scarf by wearing a skirt of the same color! Pair this with some white shoes and a neutral top for an adorable outfit perfect for the fall! :)

Outfit 2: Wear your favorite pair of jeans, shoes, and a neutral top. Then, add your scarf as the "statement necklace"! So cute!

Outfit 3: Want to dress your scarf up? Wear a LBD, your fav scarf, and a cute cardigan! <3

How do you style your printed scarves? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! :D Love you guys!
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You when wearing your printed scarves ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

DIY: Teacup Succulents

Hey cupcakes! I am coming at you all today with another DIY post! :D I love crafting so much, so of course I was really excited when I had some desk space in my dorm that needed to be filled... I was searching on Pinterest and came across a Buzzfeed article with the cutest idea ever: teacup succulents!!! :O
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Succulents are an awesome way to have some green in your dorm or room because they don't require much attention. Let's get started on the DIY!

What You Need:
-Some type of teacup (they can be actual glass or plastic ones)
-A succulent (these can be found at many stores!)
Image result for succulents
There are some many different types of succulents!
-Extra dirt (optional)

What To Do:
1. First, figure out where you want this adorable teacup succulent! I love having one on my desk because nature/green is great to have around when you are stressed out and doing homework :)

Image result for succulent on desk

2. Clean the inside of your teacup! It would be sad to have some type of bacteria in the teacup that would kill your lovely plant!!! :(

3. Take the succulent out of the plastic tray/pot you bought it in, and transfer it into the teacup.

Image result for teacup succulent

4. Move around the dirt so that it looks nice (or add some dirt to make sure it stays in the teacup)!

5. Enjoy your new decoration! :D

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Free Write #1: First Sexual Experience?!

Hey cupcakes! I have been wanting to give free writing a post a try for quite some time now, so I thought today I would give it a try! :) A free write is basically me writing a random post about a random topic (from this subject generator) in ten minutes without editing! It is something totally new for The Chic Cupcake, but I think it will be totally fun! Without further to do, here is today's topic:

Write about your first sexual experience.

Alright so when I first saw this prompt I was like "geez of course this would be what the random generator throws at me"... 
Image result for unimpressed gif

But, I didn't want to cheat or anything like that, so I guess I'll write about the topic provided. Since I'm a virgin and don't really want to share my sexual experiences on the Internet, I thought I would write about my "first time" with something else: holding hands. 

Now the very first time I held hands with a guy was with my "boyfriend" in middle school (quotes around boyfriend cuz we couldn't even talk to each other like the stereotypical middle schoolers lol). SO, I was in 8th grade and this guy I liked was in 7th grade. I had just broken up with (haha the drama of middle school) my previous boyfriend, cuz I was totally head over heels with this 7th grader and didn't really like that guy anymore. The cute 7th grader liked me too, and I was SO excited when he asked me out at a middle school dance (like really though good job to do it face to face!). So we were totally a "thing" and decided to go on a group date to the movies with a ton of our friends. 

Now being the awkward person I was/still am, I was totally freaking out that he might try to hold my hand (which I had never done before).... So I did what any nervous girl would do: I crossed my arms so he couldn't even touch me! :P After like 3/4 of the movie went by, I realized that maybe I actually did want to hold his hand... So I decided to move my hand onto the arm rest. Now I KNOW he saw me do it, but he was also super nervous. He kept looking at my hand and FINALLY after like twenty minutes (I kid you not), he attempted to grab my hand and totally missed! Instead of holding my hand all sweet and cute, he was like grabbing the ends of my two longest fingers with his sweaty palms....

Image result for awkward dating gif

It was so uncomfortable. After suffering through that for a few minutes, I was like "HECK NO" and moved my hand so that we were actually holding hands correctly. The movie was over in like ten minutes, so I only really got a few minutes of sweaty hand holding in... :( But, I still remember it as my first time, so I guess that's good that it was memorable! 

Well, my ten minute time limit is up! I feel like I didn't really get to write much, so I'm going to go back and add a few pictures. :) 

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