Monday, March 27, 2017

Most Likely Tag ft. My Boyfriend!

Hey cupcakes! My boyfriend came up to visit me this weekend (<3), so I thought I would have him help me with a fun tag (and when I say "help" I mean he sat with me and kept distracting me haha)! I haven't done a tag in SO long on The Chic Cupcake, so let me know if you would like to see more of them. :) Let's get started! 

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Who, out of you and your boyfriend, is most likely:

1. To always be happy? - Definitely me! I am uber optimistic and positive while he tends to have a more realistic take on the world.

2. To forget something important? - Him for sure. Lol - his memory isn't as good as mine!

3. To fall while walking? - Lol me cuz I'm clumsy AF

4. To be the most popular person in school? - I feel like this is a tie... We both can be both social and antisocial, so we know a lot of people.

5. To take care of the other person while sick? - ME; he gets sick a lot more than I do!

6. To get annoyed over small things? - Prolly me.... :P

7. To be impatient? - HIM; patience is not his virtue

8. To complain about things? - Lol we both really enjoy complaining, so I would say it's a tie.

9. To be sweet? - Tots me, I am always sweet ;)

10. To be the healthiest? - Me again, he has a weakness for eating really bad food.

11. To be nice? - We are both really nice, so a tie for sure!

12. To be best at school? - I would say me, but we are both strong in certain areas.

13. To be a good cook? - Lol me because he literally would burn the kitchen down...

14. To fall asleep during a party? - Me because he can stay up until 4 in the morning with no problem at all....

15. To be the best at math? - Totally me, I have a weird passion for math!

16. To cry when happy? - We both don't cry very often, but I can cry when I'm happy if my hormones are messed up :P

17. To be smarter? - We are both strong in certain areas, so I would say we are both pretty smart (however, I have a much stronger work ethic than he does).

18. To buy things they don't need? - HIM; he is the king of impulse buying!

19. To crash their car? - Lol, definitely him. He actually just got his car back from a car accident (this one wasn't his fault tho).

I tag all of you, so comment below the links to your blogs so I can read your posts! Don't forget to follow me! :D

Friday, March 24, 2017

My Favorite Colored Eyeliners

Hey cupcakes! Recently, I have been wearing colored eyeliner a lot. I think this is partly due to the fact that it saves me from having to put on eyeshadow when I'm rushing to my 8:30 AM classes, but I also think it brightens up my looks at the end of this winter (you really need some sunshine on gloomy days!). I thought I would share with you some of my favorite colors/brands of eyeliner, so you all can also embrace this trend! :)

1. Milani Midnight Matte Liquid Eyeliner

This color is a really beautiful dark blue, so if you are looking for a subtle color I would totally recommend this one!

2. Milani Light Teal Eyeliner

Image result for milani light blue eyeliner

I don't think Milani actually produces this anymore (whyyyyy), but I bought this light teal (blueish greenish) eyeliner a long time ago, but I LOVE it! It makes my eye color pop, and I think it is a great statement color.

3. NYX Vivid Brights

If you are looking for a really bold look, I suggest these eyeliners! So many colors and perfect for a statement makeup look!

4. NYC City Proof in Smokey Plum

For those of you who aren't comfortable wearing this trend, I suggest going for a dark purple/plum color. It is the perfect way to ease yourself in to loving the statement pop of color! :)

5. Kleancolor Vibe-Rant Eyeliner

Again, if you are looking for colored eyeliners, cheap makeup is sometimes the way to go! I love searching the Dollar Tree for different shades, and they honestly work just as good as other brands!

Are you up for trying colored eyeliner? Comment below your favorite shade and don't forget to follow me! :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DIY: Easy Emoji Pillows

Hey cupcakes! I found this really adorable idea on Pinterest recently, so I thought I would share my version of this really easy craft! Emojis are all the rage recently, so you can make your own emoji pillow to embody your fav emotion :P Let's get started!

Image result for diy emoji pillow

What You Need:
-Yellow felt (how large this is depends on how big you want your pillow)
-Black felt (again, depends on how big your pillow will be)
-Any other colors of felt (depending on what emoji you are creating!)
-Pillow stuffing
-Either a hot glue gun or sewing materials (this can be no-sew if you want an even faster craft!)

1. Lay out your yellow felt on a flat surface. Trace two equal circles onto the felt, marking it with the pen or pencil.
Image result for diy emoji pillow steps

2. Cut out the shapes using the scissors!

3. To turn into the actual pillow, either glue or sew around 3/4 of one of the felt circles, attaching the other circle.

4. TURN INSIDE OUT (this cleans the edges of the pillow) and fill with stuffing.

5. Either glue or sew the remainder of the circle to close the stuffing in.

Image result for diy emoji pillow steps

6. Cut out the shapes needed for the face of the emoji and either glue or sew onto the pillow.

7. Ta-da! An easy and adorable emoji pillow for your room! :D

Image result for diy emoji pillow steps

What is your most used emoji? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Free Write #4: Run Over by a Snow Plow?!

Hey cupcakes! I did my last free write all the way back in January (and it got quite a bit of views!), so I thought I would write another one today! :) If you are new to the whole "free write" thing, I basically write for ten minutes after seeing a prompt from this random generator. Today's topic:

Write about a time when you were really brave.

Lol - so for some reason when I saw this prompt I automatically thought about a story from middle school that is pretty funny... Let's begin! In I want to say like 5th grade, I lived in a house that had a pretty long driveway. Every day after school I would walk down this driveway to get the mail from the mailbox that was, obviously, at the end of said driveway. One day in the winter I had forgotten to get the mail after school, and at like 9 PM I remembered. At this time it was snowing outside, but I (for some odd reason) thought it was a brilliant idea to bundle up and walk to get the mail, braving the snow storm. Mind you, the snow had just started like an hour ago, so I was trampling through a bunch of snow to even make it to the mail box (like why didn't I just wait until the next day haha). After a few cold minutes, I make it to the end of the driveway and get the mail, which was only like two bills or something totally lame and unexciting. I start walking back to the house when all of a sudden I hear the scrapping of snow behind me - the freaking snow plow had arrived to plow our driveway!!!!

Image result for scared gif

Being a middle schooler, I automatically thought that I was going to die because it was dark outside, there was snow everywhere, so how was the driver going to see me and/or stop before squishing me with the huge plow?! Heart racing I took off running as fast as I could.... And I eventually made it safely back to the house a few yards in front of the plow (lol - sorry for a really anti-climatic ending). The snow plow finished its job, and we both parted ways safely. Haha - so there you have it, a semi-embarrassing story about the time I almost got run over by a plow for a few lousy bills. 

When was a time you were really brave? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3
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