Thursday, June 22, 2017

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Release date: June 2nd, 2017

Rating: PG-13

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Hey cupcakes! My boyfriend recently wanted to go see Wonder Woman in theaters, so I thought I would be a nice girlfriend and go with him (okay maybe I was kinda forced to go haha). I had heard about how it was doing really well rating wise, and I was all for a superhero movie with a female lead (plus a female director too!). As I probably have mentioned in other movie reviews, I am not a big fan of superhero movies.... But, this one wasn't as bad as some of the other ones I have seen.

There wasn't a whole lot of action/suspense/blood (which I am not into), so I thought it was decent. The costumes were so incredibly gorgeous even though Wonder Woman would probably fare better with more protective armor... 

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There were a lot of great actors in this film including good old Buttercup, Prince Charming, and Professor Lupin (aka Robin Wright, Chris Pine, and David Thewlis). The backstory for how Wonder Woman came to be was a little complex and far fetched (like aren't gods supposed to be immortal, so how does Ares kill them all?), and at parts it did get a bit boring. As for superhero movies, this one was pretty decent all said and done, BUT the ending made me incredibly angry...

****WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!****

Because the lead is a female superhero, I was so excited to see a woman win out in the end just totally kicking butt. The Amazon women in the film were so badass, and I was getting so hopeful that this movie would be female empowering to showcase girl power to the extreme... But then the battle between Wonder Woman and Ares took place at the end. Diana is literally losing the fight when Chris Pine aka the love of her life makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop a plane... Wonder Woman sees the explosion in the sky and gets super upset and THEN (only then) is she able to defeat Ares.

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Um, excuse me?!?!
Must a man ALWAYS need to help a woman succeed? Why couldn't Wonder Woman win the battle on her own accord by finding her own strengths? What happened to the female empowerment?! The Amazon women are literally the coolest women characters ever, and she couldn't fight her battle alone?

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I wish they wouldn't have made the ending this way because it left me angry and hurt that this superhero movie (one that ACTUALLY IS ABOUT A WOMAN SUPERHERO) just taught young girls that a man is still the only method to her success. Maybe I read into the ending too much, but I hope that Hollywood is able to eventually make a superhero movie with a female lead that can fight and win her own battles using just her girl power.

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Love (the only slightly bitter),
Jenna <3

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Taste Testing Bizarre Foods

Hey cupcakes! If you have been reading The Chic Cupcake for quite some time (which you totally should because you should tots be a follower! ;) ), you know that I am a foodie. I LOVE to try new foods, so I thought I would make a post about the most "bizarre" foods I have tried recently (see my last European candy taste test here). I hope you enjoy!

1. Simply Nature Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips ~ $2

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So I went to my very first Aldi's a few weeks ago, and I saw some pretty interesting things! As I was looking through the chip aisle, I saw these tortilla chips. I had never seen chips made of pumpkin seeds before, so I just had to buy them! Surprisingly, they were actually pretty good. They are quite sweet compared to a normal tortilla chip, so I personally didn't think they went well with salsa. They smell and have a faint taste of pumpkin, which was such an interesting flavor for a chip! The bag had a recipe for dip on the back (mixing together vanilla yogurt, honey, and cinnamon), and it worked SO well with the sweet notes of the chips. If you ever purchase these, I would totally recommend you make the dip as well! :)

2. Siggi's Drinkable Yogurt in Strawberry ~ $1.50

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One of my all time fav snacks is yogurt because it is so filling and pretty healthy for you. I was shopping with my mom at the grocery store, and I saw this cute little bottle of "drinkable" yogurt from Sweden. I thought it was an interesting idea, and there was way less sugar in it than a typical yogurt, so I bought one. I think it was pretty tasty! The strawberry flavor wasn't very strong, so it was pretty sour and mostly tasted like a mixture between plain and vanilla yogurt. It was uber filling (I couldn't even drink the whole thing in one sitting!), and I actually enjoyed the texture of the yogurt being drinkable. Overall, I would recommend this to you if you are looking for a fun and healthy new way to eat more yogurt!

You can repurpose the bottle when you are done! :)

3. Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips ~ $2

Image result for Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips

Again, during my first trip to Aldi's another bag of chips caught my eye... I have always really enjoyed veggie chips and such, so I was super excited to see a bag of my favorite veggie chip: sweet potato! These were quite tasty, but I wish they had been a little less salty. There was so much sodium on them that I feel like the healthy aspect of being a veggie chip was taken away. The chips were also a little bit soggy, so they didn't have the typical crunch of the chip. All in all, for being only $2 this bag of chips is definitely something you should try!

What foods should I try next? Comment below with your suggestions, and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake (help me reach my goal of 750 followers!!!!!).

Jenna the Foodie

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Recent Hotel Sample Empties!

Hey cupcakes! I have recently been doing a little bit of traveling. One of my favorite parts of staying in hotels is collecting the samples that are left in my room. It is super fun to try new products! Over my past couple of short trips, I have collected a few samples that I thought I would quickly review for you all today. Enjoy! :)

1. Rest, Relax, and Recharge Package - This product was pretty exciting for me because normally all you get in hotels is shampoo, lotion, soap, etc. This little package of three samples was laying on my bed, and it is meant to calm you down for a good sleep. 

The first step, "Rest", was a calming lotion you put on your neck. It smelled SO good, and the lavender was actually pretty stress relieving! The second step, "Relax", was an essential oil blend you sprayed around your bed before sleeping. I personally thought it was a little too strong, but it definitely did have calming essential oils in it. Lastly, the third step, "Recharge", was a gel for your aching feet and ankles. This was AMAZING! I had been walking around all day and had a couple of blisters, and this gel was super cooling and recharging. Out of all three samples, the gel was by far my fav!

2. Rice Bran Orange and Tangerine Soap - I feel like soaps in hotels are never really that great, but this one was surprisingly not that bad! The orange and tangerine scent was quite powerful, but the soap itself wasn't drying on my hands. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to try it again just because the scent wasn't really my thing, but I was overall happy with this sample.

3. Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm - This product is by the same brand as the Relax Package, and I really really loved this! The balm is super moisturizing and smells like lemons (with a hint of lavender and other relaxing fragrances). I personally didn't use this on my face because I don't like to mess with my skincare routine, but it worked SO well on my dry legs. I wish I had more of this product! 

4. Aromatic Wood Body Lotion - This lotion was also strongly scented like oranges and tangerines, so I wasn't really a fan of it. Just like some Bath and Body Works products, it wasn't that effective as lotion because of the strong scent in it. Compared to the Body Balm, it did not live up to my lotion expectations.

5. Aromatic Woods Body Wash - I used to use soaps to clean my body, but I made the switch to body washes a couple of years ago. I LOVE trying new "flavors" of body wash, and this one was actually pretty good. Again, the scent was a little too strong for me (it left me smelling like a large orange for an hour or so after showering)), but it definitely did its job of cleaning me! :P

What samples have you tried out lately? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake!

Jenna <3

Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hey cupcakes! It's your gal pal Jenna back at it again, and today I will be reviewing the Hydro Flask water bottle! :D As someone who basically only drinks water, I was in the search for a new water bottle a couple of months ago (because PLEASE don't kill the planet by using plastic water bottles!!). I wanted one that would keep my water cold throughout the day, especially when I was in back-to-back classes or at work for multiple hours at a time. After shopping around a bit, I decided to purchase the 32 oz. Hydro Flask in the color Plum (purchase from Dick's here).

Because the water bottle itself was wide mouthed, I also bought the straw lid so that I could more easily drink on the go. 

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What drew me to the Hydro Flask was its supposed ability to keep water cold for 24 hours or keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours. That is SO long! Another feature I thought was great was its double walled insulation, making sure the bottle itself never got condensation on the outside (say goodbye to rings on furniture!).

Throughout the past couple of months, I have been using this water bottle non-stop! :) When I first got it, I even tested the "staying cold for 24 hours thing" and, surprisingly, after sitting on top of my mini-fridge it was still cool (I wouldn't say the water was as cold as it was when I filled it up, but it was most definitely not warm!). I can fill this sucker up in the morning and carry it around all day to stay hydrated - I love it! 

However, if you fill the water bottle up with warm water and pop it in the fridge, it will take longer to cool down because of the great insulation. This is totally an easy fix - just fill up the bottle with cold water! 

Because I bought the 32 oz. bottle, it is quite large and doesn't fit in the standard backpack water bottle holders (however, it does fit in the standard car drink holders!). It honestly doesn't botter me that I have to carry it around by hand, because the handle is easy to grab on to. Plus, if anyone tries to rob me I can totally use it as a weapon :P If you aren't keen on having to carry it around, NO WORRIES - Hydro Flask comes in a 16 oz. bottle! :D

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Because I am not a tea or coffee drinker, I have yet to try out the "keeping hot beverages hot for 12 hours" thing, but I am sure that Hydro Flask can do it! I am extremely pleased with this water bottle, and I would definitely recommend you make the purchase! :)

What water bottle are you currently using? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! 

Love the Water Bottle Enthusiast,
Jenna <3
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