Monday, July 25, 2016

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hey cupcakes! As someone who loves makeup, I know how important it is to keep your makeup brushes clean... However, I didn't always keep my brushes clean.

After seeing a ton of products for cleaning brushes, I realized just how essential it is to keep your brushes dirt, oil, etc. free! If you don't clean your brushes, I really really REALLY suggest doing so... It will help your face stay clear and avoid bacteria growing in places it shouldn't :P Here is my routine for cleaning all of my makeup brushes :) Enjoy!

1. I suggest cleaning your makeup brushes AT LEAST once every two weeks... I usually try to clean them more frequently, but when I'm busy, this will do. First, you need to select all of the brushes you are going to clean.
I suggest all or your most frequently used!
2. Next, you will need to clean your brushes! I usually use regular soap, but you can purchase soap made just for brushes. Here's my method to get all the gross stuff off (but there are tons of other methods that work just as good!):

  • Run the water in a nice warm/hot temperature
  • Squirt some soap into one palm
  • Put the brush into the water and swirl around in the soap in your palm
  • After swirling it around for a bit, rinse it off in the water
  • Repeat if the brush is especially dirty

3. Spread out the hairs of the brush, and let dry on a hand towel.

4. Ta-da! Your brushes will be dry and ready to make you over again soon! :)

How do you clean your makeup brushes? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! <3

Friday, July 22, 2016

Recipe: Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hey cupcakes! Last year I did a post about how I had tried Tim Horton's Frozen Hot (read that review here). I was looking through some food posts on Pinterest the other day, and I found a recipe for some frozen hot chocolate! I knew I just had to try it! :P
This recipe is AMAZING (see original version here)! It tastes exactly like hot cocoa (except frozen!) and only takes a few minutes to whip up. I think it is the perfect Tim Horton's Frozen Hot Chocolate dupe! <3
What You Need
-Cute mug :P
-Packet of hot chocolate mix (this can be reegular or specialty flavors)
-1/2 cup milk
-1 cup ice
-Whipped cream (optional)

What To Do
1. Put the packet of mix, milk, and heaping cup of ice into the blender.

2. Blend everything together until there are no chunks of ice!

3. You can add more milk if you want, but I found that 1/2 cup is a good amount.

4. Pour into a cute mug, top with whipped cream, and enjoy!!!! :D

This beverage is awesome for the summer months and will keep you nice and cool in the heat. :) What is your fav summer beverage? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to Style Oversized Sweatshirts

Hey cupcakes! With the summer months here, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops are everywhere. But, when the summer nights get chilly, I love to style oversized sweatshirts in the summertime! These can be an extra size larger sweatshirts or even a man's sweatshirt.... Let's see how they can be styled:

Oversized Sweatshirt

Outfit 1: If you have an oversized graphic sweatshirt, style it like you would for a graphic tee! I love to pair my sweatshirts with my fav shorts and sandals. Wearing a bow in a ponytail pulls this whole look together! 

Outfit 2: If you want to go for a super casual look, wear some capris leggings with your oversized sweatshirt! A gorgeous headband will pull back all your hair for a relaxing night :)

Outfit 3: This is how you can style a men's sweatshirt! You can either get one from your bae or buy one from the store (I have used both methods!), and then pair it with a cute pair of shorts and some sporty shoes... So cute and effortless! <3

Do you like wearing oversized sweatshirts? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D

Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to: Ombre Nails

Hey cupcakes! I feel like I haven't done a nail tutorial on The Chic Cupcake in awhile... So here is a perfect nail design for the summertime: ombre! While this manicure (or pedicure) looks like it is difficult to achieve, it is actually super easy! Let's get started! :D

1. Start out with removing any nail polish on your nails as well as cutting/filing them to the desired shape.

2. The next thing you need to do is find a triangular makeup sponge. You can find these at the Dollar Tree, or can even cut a rectangular sponge! 

3. Pick out the two or three (or four!) colors you would like to ombre onto your nails. These can be varying shade of the same color or different colors altogether! 

4. To get the ombre effect onto your nails, you can do one of two things: 
  • Apply the nail polish onto a surface like plastic wrap and mix the edges to create the desired effect. Dab the sponge onto the polish and then onto your nails! 
  • Apply nail polish directly on the sponge and then onto your nails!

5. Clean up the edges of the nails and your fingers using a Q-tip and nail polish remover.

6. Let dry!!!!!!! And ta-da, you have gorgeous ombre nails for the summertime! :D

These colors together are amazingggggg
What are your fav summer nail designs? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :)
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