Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's On My 2018 Beauty Wishlist

Hey cupcakes! I hope everyone is having a great day so far :) Today, I wanted to share with you all what is currently on my beauty wishlist. I always have quite a few things I am wanting to try out, so let me know some of your favorite products that you think I should try!

1. Tweezerman Tweezers

Image result for tweezerman tweezers

Lol - this is super boring, but I really need to upgrade my tweezers! I borrowed my roommate's Tweezerman Tweezers and fell in LOVE... They work so well, and I definitely need to make the investment for my brows ;)

2. Naked Shower Gel from LUSH

Image result for naked shower gel lush

I have never really gotten into the LUSH trend, but I really want to start soon! I love how they use good ingredients and focus on sustainability, so I definitely need to try one of their naked shower gels soon (because it doesn't use packaging!!!!).

3. Biore Self Heating Charcoal Mask

Image result for biore charcoal mask

A girl in my dorm had this mask, and it looked pretty cool! Biore always has some great products, so I will totally be trying this out soon!

4. e.l.f Heart Defensor Highlight Palette

Image result for elf heart defensor

I usually use the same boring makeup products every day (and I have yet to introduce a highlight). This palette from e.l.f. looks perfect for me, so I will defs need to try it out!

5. Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Image result for too faced chocolate gold

I have never been one to like eyeshadow palettes (I like to buy individual colors that make my eyes pop), but this one looks too good to pass up! There are a lot of colors I would like to use (especially the neutrals), and the packaging is amazingggg too!

6. Any lip product from Fenty Beauty

Image result for fenty beauty lip gloss

I have heard a lot about this brand (whether it be good or bad), so I feel like I need to try it out. The lipsticks and lipglosses all look good, so I definitely will start there!

What is on your 2018 beauty wishlist? Comment down below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! :D


Monday, January 15, 2018

DIY: Simple Window Clings!

Hey cupcakes! Today I have another DIY post for you all, and this one is super easy and fun! :) I personally LOVE to decorate my window with any sort of window cling (I have a set for each holiday haha), so I wanted to share how you all can make your very own window clings! :D Let's get started!

Image result for diy window cling

What You Need:
-Tulip Puffy Paint (I have only ever used this brand for this, but you could try others too!)

Image result for tulip puffy paint

-Some sort of template on paper (optional if you want to free hand)
-Large Ziploc bag

What To Do:
1. Figure out what window cling you want to make. Print out this template onto computer paper.

2. Open the Ziploc bag and place the template inside. Zip shut.

3. Using the puffy paint, trace the template (or free hand your design if you want!).

4. Allow the paint to dry for the full amount. I personally would wait even longer just to be safe!!

5. Peel off your window cling from your ziploc bag and place onto your window! :)

Image result for diy window cling

What window cling design are you going to make? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post!

"Feelin' Crafty" Jenna

Friday, January 12, 2018

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste!

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be writing a post that is a little different for The Chic Cupcake. However, I think it is super important, so I hope you all learn something! Sustainability is very critical to keeping our planet, and I have learned a lot about it in college. I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to reduce waste, so let's get started!

1. Use reusable shopping bags - This is honestly super easy! Instead of getting those plastic bags that are bad for the environment, purchase a couple high quality reusable totes to use instead.

Image result for reusable grocery bags

2. Reuse jars for storage - This is something I will definitely be doing in my apartment over the summer; all you need to do is save any jars that you eat the food out of (like pasta sauce, pickles, etc.) and reuse them as storage. You can even bring them to your grocery store that sells bulk food to purchase healthy ingredients without using any plastic!

Image result for mason jar food storage

3. Start composting - It isn't as hard as you would think, and it makes you feel really good about being sustainable! :)

4. Make the conscious effort to recycle everything possible - I know a lot of states still don't have recycling centers (which is honestly terrible), but if you have recycling where you live try to recycle as much as you can! I am an avid recycler and there are still things that I never knew you could recycle. Recycle as much as possible!

5. Don't use plastic straws - When you order at a restaurant, ask the waiter to not put a plastic straw in your drink. :) (Psstt your drink will still taste the same!)

Image result for drink without straw

6. USE A WATER BOTTLE - I honestly get so angry at people who still use plastic water bottles every day instead of just buying a water bottle and refilling it. First of all, it is cheaper to just buy the one water bottle and secondly, everyone knows how bad plastic water bottles are for the planet!! This is the easiest thing for you to do to be sustainable, so I totally recommend!

Image result for water bottle

7. Find sustainable alternatives to textbooks - College in general creates a lot of paper waste from notes to worksheets to loose leaf textbooks. Try to be as sustainable as possible by finding an online version of your textbooks (or at least make sure to recycle all of your paper at the end of the semester)!

What are your tips and tricks for being more sustainable? Comment down below your suggestions and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! :D


P.S. Every little bit counts in saving the planet, so I challenge YOU to do your share! <3

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Movie Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Release date: December 15th, 2017

Rating: PG-13

Image result for star wars the last jedi

When I was home over break, I (of course!) had to see the newest Star Wars film. :) I really enjoyed The Force Awakens (read that review here), so I had big expectations for this movie. I thought it was awesome!!!!! Unlike The Force Awakens where a lot of the plot points seemed similar to the original trilogy, this movie brought in a new plot that really keeps you on your toes throughout the film. I honestly could not have guessed what was about to happen during half the movie, and I thought it was well executed for the high stakes of the movie. 

I have been a Kylo Ren fan since The Force Awakens (and the hilarious SNL Starkiller Base skit), but this movie made me love Kylo Ren's character even more.

Image result for the last jedi kylo ren gif
I would fight people with Kylo Ren any day! ;)

The only part of the movie that I did not like (SPOILERS AHEAD) was the scene where General Leia saves herself with the force. Not going to lie, it was pretty bad. It would have been way better if she had been hanging off the ship or something (because floating in space that long just wouldn't work people!). BUT, the rest of the movie really does make up for this two minute scene, so I have no complaints. There were tons of action scenes, plently of fighting/ship battles, and (of course) there was some great humor :)

I cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode, and I definitely recommend seeing this movie even if you aren't a huge Star Wars fan (because you will still like it)! What did you think about The Last Jedi? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post! 

Jedi Jenna
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