Sunday, February 14, 2016

Story Time: I Was Hit on By a College Professor?!?!

Hey cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day! :D For the holiday, I wanted to do a quick story time post which is a little different for The Chic Cupcake... But hey, why not? :P Let's get started!

So as many of you know, I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year in college. This story takes place last semester when I had to take an English class. Now, I personally don't really enjoy English because I am more of a math and history kind of person. So, I wasn't too excited about this class that happened three times a week at 9 AM. But, I had to take it.

The first day of class went fine. The class was only about 20 or so students, and my professor was this animated dude who liked to sing when he taught. Again, I don't like English that much, and my professor told us he didn't give out As, so I already assumed I wouldn't enjoy this class very much.

The third week of class he required us all to attend his office hours so that he could get to know us. I assigned a time and went to his office just like he asked and everything was fine until I got up to leave. I was almost to the door when he asked me this question:

"Do you always wear that headband?"
My reaction
This might not seem very odd to most people, but I wear the same headband often because it keeps my hair out of my face in class. BUT, it struck me as quite odd because he had only been teaching me for about 6 or 7 classes. Why was he looking at what my headband looked liked? I shrugged it off and kept going to class.

During Thanksgiving break, I went shopping to stock up on food, etc. and bought some new headbands. The first day back of school (Monday = 9 AM English), I decided to try out one of my new headbands. I got to class a bit early so waited outside the door looking on Facebook. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my professor coming down the hall and when he got near me (like literally after 3 seconds), he said,

"Is that a new headband?"

Um, since when does a married 40 something-year-old man care about what I wear in my hair? I was a tad creeped out.

For the remaining classes of the semester, he never commented on my headbands again, but commented on the logos of my t-shirts a couple of times.

"What does that say?"

Um, why do you care? He was real creepy.

But I got an A in the class :) (and yes I worked my butt off to get it!)

And he got fired (no I never complained or anything, the college just didn't sign him back on for the next semester because I guess they didn't think he was a good teacher).

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my brief story time post! :P

Anyone have an interesting professor story? Comment them below and don't forget to follow!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Experience: Grease LIVE!

Hey cupcakes! As many of you gals may know, FOX recently performed a Live version of the musical Grease! I was super duper excited to watch it (since Grease is one of my fav musicals!), so I thought I would let you know my thoughts after watching the whole thing... Let's get started!

What I Liked About the Show

Overall, I thought the show was great! It wasn't just another remake of the movie everyone knows and loves, and I thought it was the perfect mixture between the actual musical script and the movie. I also really enjoyed the new unique things they added in :) The choreography was so stunning, and the costume changes were beyond perfect (they even had magnetic costumes for costume changes that lasted a few second - AMAZING!)! Some of my favorite characters included:

1. Patty (played by Elle Lemore)

2. Blanche (played by Haneefah Wood) - so hilarious omg

3. Marty (played by Keke Palmer)

These were probably my top three characters, but ALL of the actors/actresses were actually amazing! I really enjoyed how they picked less mainstream people who are still super talented! I also loved how they added old Frenchy and new Frenchy into the same scene... The feels! <3

Last but not least, my favorite scene by far was Greased Lightning! ;)

Honestly, if you haven't watched Grease Live yet, I really recommend it!

*Watch it here: LINK*

What I Didn't Like About the Show

Being a live show, they had a few mistakes (like the sound issue during the hand jive).. But that makes it more like a stage show, so it personally didn't bother me :D Some of the scenes were cheesy (like the race scene which looked so hilariously fake), but Grease is kinda supposed to be a cheesy musical. I loved it all! :P

Final Thoughts

If you haven't already, GO WATCH GREASE LIVE! It blew Sound of Music: Live and Peter Pan: Live out of the water by a tonnnn! Grease is totally the word! <3

What did you think about Grease Live? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D

Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Style Heart Prints

How to Style a Heart Print

Hey cupcakes! Continuing with the season, I wanted to make a fashion collage devoted to the adorable heart prints! I feel like heart prints are always in style, and I personally love them :) Here are three difference ways to style them:

1. If you only have an accessory with a heart print on it (such as a scarf, purse, etc.), wear a pretty neutral/classic outfit so that the hearts really stand out! :) I suggest a gray v-neck tee, your favorite pair of jeans, and some comfy booties!

2. If you have a top with hearts on it (such as a sweater, jacket, blouse, etc.), all you have to do is put on some dark denim jeans (or black pants) and some of your cutest flats! I personally love how this sweater isn't the traditional red or pink color but is still really festive and chic <3

3. If you have a heart print dress (which are so trendy btws!), go all out with the season and wear some red heels! Perfect for any Valentine's Day date! :D

How do you style heart prints? Comment below and don't forget to follow!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Places to Go on a Girl's Night Out!

Hey cupcakes! Valentine's Day is almost here, but that doesn't mean you have to eat ice cream in bed while watching Netflix just because you don't have a significant other. With all of your single friends, have a girl's night out! Make some amazing memories! Here are my top choices for places to go on a G.N.O:

1. Hit up your favorite restaurant - While it might be difficult to get a reservation (due to all of the people going out to dinner), it is totally worth it for a fun night with some great food!

2. Go see a really cheesy movie - Laugh the whole time and enjoy some delicious popcorn! ;)

3. Go clubbing or bar hopping - If you are old enough, go out dancing or to some bars! Don't let anyone in your group even talk to any guys because this is girls ONLY! :D Have a blast!

4. Have a girl's night in! - Have a spa night while watching your favorite classic films and paint nails, do hair, etc.

5. Go to the mall - Who says you can't splurge when you're with your friends? ;)

6. Have a cupcake competition - Have everyone bake cupcakes together and then try to decorate them the best! The winner gets to choose the movie after! <3

7. Do some crafts - They can be heart themed but totally don't have to be! Do something creative!

8. Get super dressed up - Then, do any of the things listed above (even if you stay in!)... Dressing up will make you feel great for the holiday :)


What do you like to do on a Girl's Night Out?? Comment below and don't forget to follow!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Hey cupcakes! Valentine's Day is coming around the corner which means some of us will need to purchase gifts for our significant others! :D This year, I decided to make a gender neutral list of 5 unique things that you can give your partner for Valentine's Day.... Enjoy!

1. Photo book - has some really cute photobook options (link here) which allow you to create a one of a kind memory book for your boyfriend or girlfriend. I personally would love this gift (being in a long distance relationship) becuase whenever you miss your significant other you can just look at the book they made for you! So thoughtful <3

2. Reasons I love you book - Making a book of all of the reasons you love your partner is so special and cute! You can make your own book using a composition notebook, or you can purchase some on Amazon!

Why I Love You Journal: link
What I Love About You Journal: link
3. Mix of their favorite foods - Being with someone who doesn't really like chocolate, buying your partner a whole bunch of their favorite candies, snacks, drinks, or food is the perfect substitute for a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart (plus it is more meaningful!)

4. A stuffed animal of their fav animal - Instead of buying the basic teddy bear holding a heart, find them a stuffed animal of their favorite animal, character, etc. This will be way more thoughtful than a random teddy bear!!!! <3
I love otters so this would be perfect for me! ;)
5. A love letter (or Open When letters) - Love letters are amazing! If you are in a long distance relationship (or not!), writing them a love letter, or a whole bunch of Open when letters, is such a meaningful gift! It is super sweet, and they will love it! :D

What are some other unique gift ideas? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: ORLY Color Blast Duo Kit in Flotsam and Jetsam

Hey cupcakes! I was recently gifted the ORLY Color Blast Duo Kit in Flotsam and Jetsam (part of the Villains line!). This kit combines Disney with nail polish, so I figured a review would be awesome! :) Enjoy!
Evil Eels then Power Hungry
This kit comes with two nail polishes from the ORLY brand: 50197 Power Hungry and 50196 Evil Eels.

I decided to paint my ring fingers with Evil Eels and the rest of my nails Power Hungry (throw back to that trend!) ;) Here is what I thought about each one:
Gotta love old trends... :P

1. Evil Eels - This color is a pretty silver with tons and tons of sparkles. :D One coat is plenty, but if you want super sparkle then two coats would be perfect! The sparkles are small enough that they shouldn't get stuck on my nails when I try to remove the polish, and it looks so awesome when they catch they light! I would really recommend this color for a formal dance like homecoming or prom... It would really add to a sparkly dress! <3

2. Power Hungry - In the bottle, this polish has a gray green apperance.. But it is an opaque white color (with a few sparkles!) that has a hologram appearance when the light hits it! SO PRETTY! This color is really subtle, and I find it very wearable since I haven't been into bold colors lately. One coat is the perfect amount for this color too! :) I think this is my new favorite nail polish!!!

Overall, these nail polishes are AWESOME! They dried super duper fast and haven't chipped so far :) Plus, the applicator/top of the bottle has grips on it which I found quite nifty when I was painting my nails. I have never used ORLY brand before, but I really need to try out some more colors! :) I really recommend checking out this brand (and the Disney Villain collection!)! <3

What ORLY nail polish is your favorite? Comment below and don't forget to follow! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 Annoying Things Guys Do...

Hey cupcakes! I wanted to do a super random post for you all today... So I decided to compile a list of annoying things that guys do :P Boys are great (sometimes!) but there are a few obnoxious things that guys tend to do.... (This is all for fun so don't hate! :P )

1. Spitting on the ground when they are walking - I've almost been spit on a few times because they don't realize I am there. YUCK! Why do they have to do that?

2.  Crotch grabbing - We've all seen them do it... Fixing "down there" as if no one can notice. Um, do that somewhere private please?

3. Going on their phone when you are talking to them - True, this could go either way... But, I find it really annoying when guys have to "check the score of the game" in the middle of a convo :/

4. Commenting on the appearance of females - I feel like guys publicly feel like they can comment about what a girl is wearing, if she is "hot", etc. Girls talk about that in private so why can't guys? I personally think it is rude.

5. Talking about disgusting bodily functions, etc. - I feel totally uncomfortable when guys talk about gross things when they think they are being "funny"... No thank you, it totally turns us off.

6. NOT opening the door for girls - Be a gentleman! I respect any guy who holds the door open for women :)

7. NOT helping a girl in need - Storytime: I was working an event and had to carry a table to another building... I'm weak so I was struggling hardcore. After about 30 guys walked right by me, a gentleman asked if I need help. He made my day! Help a sister in need when you see us riding the struggle bus okay?! :P

8. ONE. WORD. TEXTS - OMG so frustrating

9. Wearing too much cologne - If the air around you is misty... Get a hint! ;)

10. Blaming the emotions of a female on her monthly friend - Just look at this picture:
SOME LITTLE FRESHMAN BOY SAID THIS TO ME BECAUSE HE KEPT PISSING ME OFF and literally all I wanted to do was beat his little face so he had a period of his own coming from his nose:

What other annoying things do guys do that really bother you? Comment below and don't forget to follow! If you want me to do an "Annoying Things Girls Do..." post, let me know in the comments too! :D <3


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